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Why LegiTest – Automated Data Testing?

3.1 Trillion Reasons

Bad Data is an epidemic. According to IBM, Bad Data costs an estimated $3.1 trillion per year in the United States alone and 1 in 3 Business Leaders don’t trust the information they use to make decisions. A problem this large is overwhelming and requires automated data testing in order to contain its growth.

LegiTest is a technology that will help address this problem in the following ways:

Automated continuous validation of your production results to confirm your actual data is within a correct range.

Dynamic parametrization to automate test reusability and increase productivity.

Easy browser-based test tracking to confirm your results have been correct over time and assign responsibility for failure remediation — Before the bad data impacts a decision.

Why Should You Test Your Data?

The major benefit of testing your data and data-centric applications is gaining confidence in your data. Business intelligence initiatives often fail because the users lack confidence in the results. When both the processes and the data that you are using are tested and verified, you can give the consumers of the data the confidence they need to make more reliable business decisions.

According to Gartner, less than 10% of self-service BI initiatives will be monitored for consistency. That can create major issues for both the accuracy of the reporting and adherence to regulatory requirements. Implementing a system of checks and balances through automated testing ensures production and reporting data is valid as it flows through your systems.

Testing data-centric applications also leads to overall cost improvements. The earlier in the development cycle that defects are discovered, the easier and less costly it is to correct them. By incorporating robust testing into the development process, the maintenance and update costs can be greatly reduced. True, it does require a little more time upfront to create the tests, but it pays off heavily in the long run.