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LegiTest How To’s

Get started with LegiTest with these step-by-step instructions for common scenarios.

All of these How To walkthroughs use the HigherEd and HigherEdDW databases as examples. You can download these databases, prepopulated with data:

Comparing Balances and Totals Between Two Tables
Learn how to create tests that validate that data is being moved between two tables in different databases correctly.

Parameterize a Test for Deployment 
Set up a test assembly so that it can be executed in different environments, using different values, in this walkthrough.

Test a Stored Procedure – Coming Soon!

Test Multiple Scenarios – Coming Soon!

Run an SSIS Package and Verify the Results – Coming Soon!

Publish a Test to the LegiTest Server – Coming Soon!

LegiTest Video Library

Testing An Integer

Publish Tests to the LegiTest Server

Using Visual Studio to View Test Results

Using the Comparison Editor

Run a Stored Procedure

Viewing Results on the Server

Test an SSIS Package

Parameterize a Connection

Publish Results to a Server