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BI and Data Warehouse Testing Essentials

Our three-part white paper series on implementing an automated BI and data warehouse testing strategy to ensure your data is valid and reliable.

By John Welch

Microsoft MVP – Data Platform
President – Pragmatic Works Software

data-testing-3-part-bookletTesting BI and data warehouse applications is a vital step for organizations that are using their data to drive their business. Verifying data in production is a critical step for organizations that rely on their data for decision-making. It’s important to understand what data-driven testing is, the value of verified data and how you can implement data-centric testing into your organization.

In this three-part series, John Welch covers vital concepts of what you should consider testing during development of your BI and data warehouse applications and provides an overview of a methodology that can be used to implement data-centric testing.

The Pragmatic Data Testing methodology includes a strong focus on adopting BI and data warehouse testing as part of your development processes, along with the different types of testing that you can consider to improve the validity of your tests.

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