Download LegiTest


Data Testing for the Developer

For the Developer responsible for writing and executing tests in pre-production.

Includes all features and free for 14 days.

Download LegiTest Server

LegiTest Server

Data Validation for the Business

For the Managers and Business Users that need to monitor and continuously confirm their production results.

Includes all features and free for 14 days.

Pragmatic Workbench

Pragmatic Workbench combines the automated testing capabilities of LegiTest with three more of Pragmatic Works’ best-selling products: BI xPress, DOC xPress and DBA xPress.

BI xPress increases BI development and administration efficiency by giving you the ability to quickly build SSIS packages.

Documentation, lineage and impact analysis to help you trace source data to quickly identify the path data takes from source to destination.

The perfect DBA solution for comparing and syncing changes between data and schema stored in different databases.