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We often get a lot of similar questions about our software suite. One of the most common questions is: Do any of your products work with Microsoft’s Azure cloud?

My answer is a confident “Yes, absolutely!” But ideally, I’d first have a conversation with anyone who had questions, so that I could understand what their priority needs are. That being said, I can still highlight a few of our products with features that do work with Azure.

  1. DOC xPress

Allows you to document databases in Azure, including Azure Analysis Services. SSAS 2016 now supports Azure Analysis Services.

DOC xpress-1.png

  1. Task Factory

Our Task Factory components can be used with Azure databases, and most recently we’ve added some Azure specific components including: Azure ML Batch Execution (execute a batch job for an Azure ML web service), Azure ML Storage Destination (send data to a blob storage on Azure to be consumed by an Azure ML web service) and Azure ML Storage Source (retrieves data from blob storage on Azure for an ML web service).

task factory-2.png

  1. LegiTest

With LegiTest, if you can query it, you can test it. This is true with Azure SQL instances as well, and when using the Advance Query Editor in LegiTest, you can easily select this connection from a drop-down which automatically loads the information about the schema of the database against which the test query will then run!


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