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LegiTest is a comprehensive automated data testing framework that allows you to test all your data-centric applications, in an easy-to-use platform. Automated data testing helps stop bad data by validating your results from development to production giving you confidence in your reports.

BI and Data Warehouse Testing

for the Developer

An intuitive yet comprehensive tool to validate results in virtually unlimited scenarios. If you can query it, we can test it.

Data Validation and Monitoring

for the Business

Designed for data quality and business professionals who demand correct results — and need to prove them.

“From a business perspective, LegiTest enables the Technology Team to properly test in lower life cycle environments, as well as validate and monitor production processes, which are key to the organization’s success.” – ,

BI and Data Warehouse Testing Essentials

Learn how to implement an automated testing strategy to ensure your data is valid and reliable with this three-part free white paper series.

Build Tests in Minutes

With LegiTest’s easy-to-use wizards, you can point-and-click to build dozens of tests for your data in as little as two minutes!